Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Senior Portraiture: Being You!

When talking with clients about senior portraiture, I tell them, "It's about you." What are your hobbies? You into sports? If so, bring your jersery, bring the necessary ball for that sport, or even bring your letterman's jacket. If you would like to bring a sibling or a favorite friend or your girlfriend/boyfriend, bring them. You play a musical instrument? Bring it! You have a dog? A horse? Let's get them in the picture! 

What makes you, YOU, bring it! Creativity has no limit. 

With my reps, Sam and Dakota, they loved being creative and having their families involved. In talking with them, I gather enough information to make the photo session enjoyable. For the most part, "joking around" is usually the flavor of the session. I love striking up camaraderie with my clients. 

If you have any questions on senior portraiture, please do not hesitate to ask. And if you would like, contact Sam or Dakota. They will give you the skinny on what my photo sessions are like!

Sam is huge into track. She's been to States (see that beautiful medal around her neck? Yeah, she's good.) and wanted to do a track/running theme for a few of her shots!

Dakota brought his girlfriend, Mandi, and had me take a few shots with his dog, Sadie.


Both Sam and Dakota are huge athletes at Knoch. With Dakota being the quarterback of the Knoch Knight football team, football pics were a must! We had such a blast getting these shots!

I loved that Sam wanted to get pictures with her sister! They made a hilarious duo and having Alyssa there made it easy to get those great genuine smiles from Sam!

See what I'm saying? Great fun, laughter, and beautiful photos!

Remember, props are great and enhance the portraits. 


Thank you again, Sam and Dakota, you made my job so much fun. I really do have the best job! And thanks to their families for all the help in getting these great shots! 

For more information on senior portraiture, please go to my website!

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